January 2024 – Harbourside Youth Foundation Newsletter

January 22, 2024by BestBox Admin0

As many of you know, we ended 2023 on an incredibly strong note, making it our highest fundraising year since the inception of the foundation. To-date, we have put more than $7,000 towards fitness for our sponsored youth and are now—thanks to your support—in a place to take on even more youth.

Word of the Year

Thinking about all this as I was driving home from a workout recently, a word popped into my head: EQUIP. As I thought about this word and the new year freshly upon us, it just felt right to make this the word of the year for Harbourside Youth Foundation in 2024. 

So I stopped to ask myself these questions: How are we equipping ourselves to be better? How can we equip our youth to look at life through a different lens? As coaches, mentors, parents, friends, and family, we all have a responsibility to properly equip our youth. 

The word equip by dictionary meaning is supplying one with the necessary items for a particular purpose, to supply one with what is needed. It also means to prepare someone mentally for a situation or task. When I thought about the word itself, this came to me: 

E – Empower. With knowledge, confidence, ability, leadership, positivity, and the ability to take action

Q – Quest. Boldly explore the world around you. 

U – Understand. Come to a place where you can say “I understand” before you disagree

I – Identity. Who are you? Identity isn’t what you do; it’s what’s inside that makes each of us unique.

P – Presence. Are we truly present when we’re with someone? Learn to be in the moment.

How can we equip our youth to live life more abundantly? To set goals and work towards them? By helping them get a seat at the right table and a foot in the right door, which is our main goal at Harbourside. I saw this recently and felt energized about the impact we’re going to make this year.

New Merch Store

As always, we remain eternally grateful to everyone who has supported Harbourside Youth Foundation the last few years. This year we’re working towards new and different ways you can help us provide fitness memberships to youth in our community. One of those is our new merch store!

Visit support.haboursideyouthfoundation.com today and check out all the great new swag we’ve created for you to showcase your Harbourside support in public. From hats to hoodies and water bottles to workout tops, we’ve got something for everyone! And every penny of the profits from merch sales go directly towards supporting our youth. Thank you again for your support and here’s to a fantastic 2024!

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