June 2023 – Harbourside Youth Foundation Newsletter

August 2, 2023by Sharon Thielmann0

Our recent Festivus event was such a rousing success and it couldn’t have been without all the people who worked hard to make it happen. Thank you to Rocky Point for the generous donation of their space and thank you to everyone who came by our booth to chat and find out more about what we do. Each person who donated via Givewise, bought snacks or drinks, or dropped some cash at the booth is making a tangible difference in the lives of young people in our community. With your support, we raised $1,000 at this event!

Education, access to resources, and mentorship are key to making the world a better place, and it all starts with our youth. 

– Avonte Campinha-Bacote


The great folks at Temenos Athletics are helping support our mission by putting on an event for us on Friday, June 23 from 5-7pm.

In this race, teams of 2 will compete in a scavenger hunt plus 4 physical challenges. The winning team will score multiple great prizes!

You don’t need to be a member to participate. Entry fee is $20 per person, with proceeds going to support the work of Harbourside Youth Foundation.


Summer is here and there are lots of kids looking for a way to connect with peers and burn some energy! There are over 28 CrossFit gyms in BC that have kids and youth programs. If you’re putting on a summer camp and have youth that need sponsorship, please reach out. This is what we do and we’re happy to help as much as we possibly can!


We’re excited to be debuting our new website this week! Head over and check it out now. It’s got all the information you need for donating and supporting our mission, partnering with us to provide services to youth, or applying for a sponsorship for a young person in your life.

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